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The Center for Practice Engaged Education Research (C-PEER) is a network focused on re-imagining the relationship between researchers, educators, and community members to support schools and communities in improving their work on behalf of learners. We identify and investigate promising education practices to address challenging problems in education and to learn from promising research findings.

Our education research network matches educators and researchers with shared interests and complementary abilities to encourage collaboration on locally relevant research. We share results across the network in order to understand what works in education and to improve supports and outcomes for learners.

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Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

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What Is “Practice Engaged Education Research?”

Practice Engaged Education Research represents a commitment to co-designing and conducting research and disseminating findings of research studies in ways that will be useful to improving educational practice and the policies that support it. The “PEER” portion of our name is important. It reflects our investment in a collaborative and productive relationship between educators and researchers. As peers, we work together to define problems of practice. Then, we implement quality “on the ground” research to create solutions for those problems.

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We believe that practitioners have the will to do things differently in order to improve outcomes for all learners, and that those closest to learners and their contexts are in the best position to drive change in support of learners’ needs and strengths. Researchers (both faculty and students) at higher education institutions, as well as other research organizations, bring essential technical skill and deep knowledge to the table – but, they are often not well supported to develop and maintain relationships with classroom teachers, school leaders, and communities. C-PEER resources and supports will:

  • Help educators and community members take a leading role in research – from defining the issues, to advising the useful dissemination of findings – without taking too much time from their core work with learners.
  • Help researchers understand how to adapt their methods and participate with teams to ensure that research generates knowledge that is useful in local practice sites while also informing the field at large.

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Here, we regularly feature short interviews highlighting collaborative research projects that illustrate the Practice Engaged Education Research PEER model.

February 2015:  CU Denver Assistant Professor Barbara Dray and colleague Jennifer Quinn Williams partner with Bruce Randolph School in Denver to develop and research Learning Labs in support of English learners throughout the school.

Barbara Dray

Barbara Dray

Can you describe the current project you are working on?

Barbara: I am faculty here at the UCD School of Ed, in Special Education and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education. I have been working in a partnership with Bruce Randolph Middle and High School since about 2010. I started my relationship with the school through the DPS-UCD Research Collaborative that engaged fourteen researchers from CU Denver with the Assessment, Research and Evaluation Department in DPS…    {FULL ARTICLE}

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In this spot, you’ll find information about upcoming in-person and online C-PEER events, as well as information about conference calls and open webinars of interest to practice engaged scholars.

Carnegie Foundation Summit

Carnegie Foundation Summit

March 2-4, Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport:  The Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education is a bit pricey, but students and teachers get a nice discount, and it’s worth the fee for the networking, ideas, and resources that you’ll get (plus food!).  REGISTER SOON as they tend to sell out!

Strive Logo

March 24-25, Crowne Plaza Downtown Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana: The Strive Network is one of C-PEER’s early inspirations… their “Cradle to Career Networks” bring community organizations together in partnership to support students and families for school success from, well, cradle to career.  MORE HERE.

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We’ll spotlight news of interest about research of value to common issues and innovations of education practice. Network members can opt into our monthly e-news blast as well.

C-PEER Launch Celebration Event!

It’s not too late to plan to join us to hear more about C-PEER while you network with education, research, and community colleagues from around the state. Join us for hors d’oeuvres while we discuss how we can work together! February 25, 5:00 to 7:00pm, Terrace Room at the Lawrence Street Center, University of Colorado Denver.  RSVP HERE.

To join the Network and opt into our monthly e-news blast, fill out the form at the “Join” button below.

button-c-peer.joinTHE C-PEER

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Contact Us

+1 303-315-4906
602 Lawrence Street Center University of Colorado Denver
1380 Lawrence Street Denver, CO 80204