Join the Network


As an individual educator, researcher, student, caregiver, community member or policy leader, joining the C-PEER network will provide you with

  • access to latest examples of education innovations, news and research (in easy-to-understand language). You can go to the website for these and also opt-in to the monthly NewsBlast.
  • access to learning resources to expand your understanding of research; how to use research methods for developing and testing innovations in school and community sites; how to design short-cycle applied research; and how practitioners, researchers, students and their families and community can work together
  • access to the reviews of research and research methods that C-PEER conducts with partner organizations—we open source (link to creative commons description page) all of our work!
  • connection to others in the C-PEER network who share your commitment to supporting education practice with research

Cost: Nothing but your participation! Join the network.


A team or a whole school, community organization or institution of higher education (college or school, or the larger IHE) may join. In addition to the individual-level resources and connections listed above, C-PEER can work with organizations on the following:

  • developing a targeted research agenda for your organization, identifying your improvement priorities and areas of education practice that might be informed by existing research as well as research that your team helps to develop
  • learning resources and coaching for “continuous inquiry” methods—how to set up and track the introduction of innovations in practice so that you know when and why they are working (or not) in order to roll out and scale up improvements driven by good data
  • participation with other organizations and C-PEER on development and use of common research instruments (e.g., surveys, formative assessments, observation protocols) to inform your continuous inquiry efforts
  • support for dissemination of innovations and research findings through our PEER Spotlight, virtual and in-person Network Events and Resource Clearinghouse
  • for Strategic Research Partners, C-PEER can assist with conducting reviews of research targeted for practice applications, identifying researchers with whom to work, data analysis and designing and conducting collaborative research projects.

Cost: There is no charge to join the network, but there may be some collaborative agreements and activities to enable C-PEER to work with your organization at some of these levels. Join the network by filling out a short survey about your organization and interests, and C-PEER staff will be in touch with you soon to discuss options and next steps.

Sign up for our monthly NewsBlast! Each month, we’ll send a quick-to-read overview of the latest updates of interest. You will be able to sort through these by key topic areas of interest to you.